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February 6, 2013: Intel® TBB and Windows Store* applications

Check out the IDZ blog about how to start using Intel TBB library with Windows Store* applications.

January 7, 2013: Students use TBB to gain 15-20% performance

USC undergraduate students use TBB in their game development and realize an average performance increase of 15‒20%.  Learn More

November 21, 2012: Creating Starter and Continuing Graph Nodes with TBB

Check out the Go Parallel blog about how to start using TBB's flow graph feature. 

September 5, 2012: Intel® Threading Building Blocks 4.1 Available Today

Files are available in the stable releases. Download it!

More changes/comments on our forum.


  • _WIN32_WINNT must be set to 0x0501 or greater in order to use TBB on Microsoft* Windows*.
  • parallel_deterministic_reduce template function is fully supported.
  • TBB headers can be used with C++0x/C++11 mode (-std=c++0x) of GCC and Intel(R) Compiler. 
  • C++11 std::make_exception_ptr is used where available, instead of std::copy_exception from earlier C++0x implementations. 
  • Improvements in the TBB allocator to reduce extra memory consumption.
  • Partial refactoring of the task scheduler data structures.
  • TBB examples allow more flexible specification of the thread number, including arithmetic and geometric progression.
August 20, 2012: Driving Innovation in Crowd Simulation with Intel® TBB

Learn how Golaem Crowd* uses Intel® TBB, Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE and Intel® Inspector XE to provide the VFX and animation industries with high-performance tools for populating 3D worlds with visually compelling and believable virtual humans.

August 16, 2012: Open Source at Intel: Building with the Ecosystem

For over two decades, Intel’s contributions to open-source projects have helped ensure that a breadth of solutions run exceptionally well.  Learn more about our other open source projects. 

June 28, 2012: TBB featured in Visual Adrenline Magazine Issue 12

Check out the Visual Adrenline Magazine Issue 12!  It includes a cool article explaining how TBB helped Geomerics increase performance and parallelize many of the geometry preprocessing tasks. 

May 12, 2012: New documentation

We are glad to inform you that Intel® TBB Reference Manual is available in HTML format.  Also doxygen documentation was updated on the site. Please update bookmarks! And, as usual, all PDFs were synchronized with the latest update.

April 25, 2012: Case Study: Parallelizing a Recursive Problem with Intel® Threading Building Blocks

Read a case study about how DreamWorks Animation uses Intel TBB.  

October 4, 2011: OPEN CASCADE and Intel TBB

OPEN CASCADE, a CAD/CAE software vendor and solution provider, recently adopted Intel TBB to enable their technology platform
for multicore processors. They chose Intel TBB for its parallel algorithms, scalable memory allocator, and ease of integration. Open
CASCADE Technology public version 6.5 was released in March 2011, making the Intel TBB version available to their entire open
source community.

September 13, 2011: Using Intel® TBB 4.0 features to simplify Dining Philosophers

Intel recently released the 4.0 version of TBB, in which most of the flow::graph Community Preview features from 3.0 have been made standard features, and some new nodes have been added as Community Preview features. The time has come to revisit the Dining Philosophers program.